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Kyanon Digital is a Vietnam-based tech powerhouse providing world-class digital solutions with an agile approach. Kyanon Digital is striving to leverage their expertise everyday to create endless value to our clients, especially recommending the fittest and the most effective solutions. The consultant teams are capable of supporting globally and fulfill clients’ technological missing piece with the best-suit advice in any sector. Kyanon Digital provides the following services.

1. Consulting
Kyanon Digital connects the dots between business challenges, legacy systems, and future goals to trigger the innovation.
- Digital Assessment
- Digital Landscape
- Digital Team
- Digital Growth
- Digital Training

2. Innovation
Kyanon Digital builds digital technologies that bring “hidden gems” in your business closer to your customers.
- Software/Platform Development
- Software/Platform Modernization
- Software Integration & Implementation
- AI, ML, Data & Analytics
- Low-code/No-code/RPA

3. Operation
Kyanon Digital helps businesses to operate
- Software/Platform Operation
- e-Commerce Operation
- Loyalty & Growth Operation

4. Venture
Kyanon Digital helps startups accelerate and scale.
- Idea to Product
- MVP Development
- CTO As-A-Service
- B.O.T Tech Team
- Co-Venture

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