Huawei - The Amazing Hunt

Huawei - The Amazing Hunt
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In July 2015, Huawei launched 5 New Smartphone Models in Vietnam. We needed the help from target audience group to spread the news by a viral awareness activity then assist Huawei in building more engagement.

Bối cảnh

As being one of the top 5 fastest growing smartphone markets in the Asia-Pacific, Vietnamese smartphone industry has become extremely competitive.

The giant competitors have always invested big budget in marketing strategies, which intended to promote their outstanding appearances and features when a new smart phone is released. That makes consumers confused and easily loses the engagement.

In July 2015, Huawei LAUNCHED 5 NEW SMARTPHONE MODELS in Vietnam. We needed the help from target audience group to spread the news by a viral awareness activity then assist Huawei in building more engagement. 

Mục tiêu

  • Raise brand awareness by Word Of Mouth.
  • Expand engagement time with Huawei through interactive activities.
  • Increase sales of 5 new smartphones.


Huawei’s 5 new smartphones are mainly focused on young adults from age 18 to 25, who are tech savvy users and dare to embrace the challenge.

Main Behaviors: 

  • 70% of the targeted group has their location tracking on while accessing mobile internet to connect and share cool news with everyone nearby, or check-in wherever they are. 
  • The consumers are more willing to engage with the brand if their friends are engaging too, so mobile communication and social network interaction is the key drivers. (WOM’s benefits)


It’s the first year of the campaign and within a competitive playground, we chose mobile as the one and only platform. For the first time, we used the power of location-based function, which allowed youth to be more interactive, and enabled them to share excited moments on the go. We also produced the first “Friend-get-Friend” location-based game in Vietnam.

Creative Idea

In understanding that youth is really active in social media and mobile, Huawei had teamed up with Zalo, top 1 OTT app in Vietnam, the most favorable mobile platform for youth to communicate. We spin word-of-mouth to word-of-messages.

For the first time, we used “LOCATION-BASED TECHNOLOGY” on Zalo to produce VIETNAM’S FIRST FRIEND-GET-FRIEND LOCATION-BASED GAME. Smartphone users participated via Huawei Zalo page and spread the words across friend networks by using one of the most popular features on Zalo, the “FIND FRIENDS NEARBY” function.


Hoạt động thực thi


We kicked off the campaign by driving all media traffic to raise awareness of the games on Zalo, promoting it on Adtima ecosystems on both PC and mobile such as Zing News, Zing MP3, Zing TV and Bao Moi. 

Bài PR trên News Zing
Bài PR trên Báo mới


Zalo location-based targeting messages, new feeds ads were sent to right users who had been around Huawei stores or had history of using “Find Friends Nearby” feature on Zalo. “The Amazing Hunt” was an innovative activity optimized Location-based function – “Find Friends Nearby”. It helped to find and make friends in the surrounding 2 km, and became trigger for youth to spread the words about Huawei.

The most commonly used function in Zalo is “Find Friends Nearby”, which was leveraged to the most excited mobile hunting game “Huawei – The Amazing Hunt”. 


The game was integrated in Huawei Zalo page. Users entered the game by the initial link posted in Huawei page’s content feeds and chat box, or joined by friend’s sharing link. Additionally, new hunter received 100,000 VND and a Huawei’s unique sharing link. 


“Shoot Your Friends” with this link and go viral the Huawei hunt as much as you can by location-based function “Find Friends Nearby”. The more people you shoot, the more points you get, and of course their friends will join the hunt too. We set the score ranks each week based on 5 smartphone models’ prices to make clear the goals, motivating hunters. Hence, we raise brand awareness for the new launching models. 

This viral effect started with one single location-based function: “Find Friends Nearby”. Now let’s start to make friends and share any cool news on the go. 

To promote the hunt, we also sent location-based messages, new feeds ads to Zalo users who had checked-in around Huawei stores or had history of using “Find Friends Nearby” feature. 

New feeds ads
Huawei The amazing hunt
Become a new hunter
Become a new hunter
Become a new hunter
Become a new hunter
Find friends nearby
Find friends nearby

Kết quả

Smartphone market has the annual launching new upgraded version time, and the fans often crazily wait for this moment. Meanwhile, Huawei faced with some potential competitors such as Samsung J1 or Oppo Neo 5, who also invested big budget for the sponsorship and key ambassadors to gain brand awareness. 
Therefore, in order to stay competitive, Huawei appealed to consumers with high engagement ever through the innovative interactive game using the unique feature on mobile “LOCATION-BASED”.

After 4 weeks, the campaign exceeded KPIs across specific Zalo’s numerical results:

  • Zalo sticky messages got 20,7 M impressions.
  • Zalo News feed ads got over 11,8 M impressions.
  • Reached 1,149,000 total interactions.
  • Over 100,000 users joined the game.
  • 718,440,000 is the highest score.

Huawei Zalo page became a big hub for targeted group to update excited news about the hunt, and we got 48,000 followers in just 1 month. 

FOR THE FIRST TIME, we used the location-based feature that just works on mobile to spread the mobile WOM (Word Of Message). 

The impact of this location-based game:

  • Directly brought Huawei brand into daily conversation of Vietnamese youths.
  • Indirectly motivate the social connectivity in both virtual and physical life.
  • Enhance values in life in seamless effort way. 


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