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✮ I have worked as a Researcher at R3 WorldWide in Vietnam. My expertise includes Financial Modelling & Management, Budgeting & Cash Management, Data Analysis, Media and Research. Although I have had more than 3-year experience in Finance, Media & Research, I always believe in myself in any situations.

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right."
"Do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits."

✮ At R3:
- I love the people I work beside. They are my family.
- I love the variety. Every day is different. It means I am always learning all the time, from the best people.
- I am allowed to grow and show my potential.
♡ I love every thing at R3. ♡

✮ Before life at R3, I have found some jobs related to my major, Quantitative Finance. I was a Project Financial Analyst cum Financial Reporting at Novaland Group; a Financial Analyst at DatViet VAC Group Holdings; and Assistant to the CEO at IFRC Vietnam.

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