[HCM][Agency] TBWAGroup Vietnam: Senior Copywriter Lưu

  • Position: Senior Copywriter
  • Report to: Group Creative Director

I. Key responsibilities

A senior copywriter will have a proven track record as a copywriter, with a deep understanding of the ways copy helps clients achieve their aims, and the ability to generate immaculate copy for every brief.

This role requires complete self-assurance, as the senior copywriter is in charge of influencing consumers by delivering a clear message, as well as using their initiative to seek out new trends and incorporate them into campaigns effectively.

Working alongside art directors, designers, senior copywriters must be keen team players and self- sufficient multi-taskers, full of original approaches and innovative ideas.

Typical activities

  • Take ownership of copy briefs and answer them to a very high standard
  • Develop creative strategies that are forward-thinking and in-line with current media trends
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of campaign objectives and devise strategies to achieve them
  • Offer creative ideas and encourage others to share theirs
  • Check all copy that generated by team members and offer feedback when necessary
  • Manage multiple projects, with the ability to switch from one to the other seamlessly
  • Meet deadlines and stay within budget constraints
  • Push clients towards fresh, exciting ideas
  • Liaise with clients
  • Complete timesheets and reports

II. Skills required

  • Significant experience in professional, commercial writing
  • The ability to plan and strategies high-profile projects
  • A persuasive and confident approach to creativity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Effective team management capabilities
  • A keen attention to detail and timescales
  • Familiarity with creative processes and techniques

III. Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree required
  • At least 3 year experiences related to Advertising field

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with internal and external customers.

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