[HCMC][Agency] DDB Group Vietnam: Senior Account Manager, Copywriter

In 1949, three enterprising gentlemen, Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane gave the advertising industry a wake-up call.

We introduced a new approach to marketing that relied on insight into human nature, respect for the consumer, and the power of creativity. In short, we said: Let’s stop talking at people and instead start conversations that lead to action and mutual benefit.

This heritage tells DDB who we are, what we believe and how we should behave. It inspires them to continually challenge standard convention. From Bill Bernbach to Keith Reinhard to the present generation of DDB leaders, we continue the revolution. “Our vision is to be the most creative agency in Vietnam.”

Now we are recruiting! Amongst the local positions we are looking for is a Senior Account Manager (Vietnamese) and a Copywriter (Vietnamese). If you’re interested in joining our team please send your CV to [email protected]