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About DatVietVAC Group Holdings

FIRST privately-owned media and advertising agency in Vietnam. DatVietVAC Group Holdings was founded and officially operated on. April 20th, 1994. (First named Vietnam Advertising Co., Ltd.)

What make us different?

- We are pioneer and trend-setter in media and communications.
- We see opportunities where others see problems and have the human capital to create solutions.
- We are not just a servicing agency, but also create, own and sell media and communication products.
Grouping total of 8 independent companies, we offer end-to-end brand, marketing, media and communication solutions to marketers and media owners.

Corporate Affairs Manager - Advertising

Job Description

Internal Communications

• Working with Human Resources, IC teams to drive employee engagement by developing internal communications strategies.
• Develop strategies and detailed action plans to educate 03 pillars of values: DatVietVAC Ngôi nhà thứ Nhất – Tinh thần Chiến binh – Chưa nói đã hiểu
• Pro-actively lead and manage DatVietVAC’s internal communication channel NeedToKnow (N2K) as well as other channels in the offices.
• Prepare monthly communication reflecting the Chairman/CEO message to the employees.
• Working with key personnel across the group business units to produce DatViet Quarterly electronic newsletter.

Corporate Affairs

• Identify and pro-actively manage the true essence as well as the growth of DatVietVAC brand equity and to prevent any issues which may impact reputation of the Group
• Develop internal systems to ensure consistent application of DatVietVAC group corporate identities.
• Assist DatVietVAC operating companies to develop brand communications strategies to ensure they align with Group strategies
• Pro-actively manage DatVietVAC’s websites by updating projects, press releases and awards, and strengthen its online presence by developing social media and linking strategies to optimise the Group’s online reach
• Manage the organisation of Group Meetings including developing presentations and supporting marketing materials

Job Requirements

Education Qualification:

• Marketing, Communications background
• MBA is preferable


• Strategic Marketing & Communications
• Media relations
• Government relations
• Media & Advertising, Entertainment industry
Working Experience:
• Minimum 3 years in senior management positions in media, advertising, entertainment industry

Skills/Capabilities/ Others:

• Crisis management
• Strategic communications skills
• Public Relations
• Corporate Branding
• Budgeting & Planning
• Problem solving & Decision-making
• Capable to work under high pressure
• Capable to work effectively as a team-player and a leader

OOH Planning Manager - Advertising

Job Description

1. Overall

• Provide direction and lead an OOH media planning group to further improve the service quality, media skill set and professionalism.
• Develop all OOH strategy, plans and presenting recommendations to clients. This includes pre planning research.
• Manage & supervise their buying execution including negotiating the best media rates & supervising all required production & trafficking of creative materials
• Supervise the OOH Buyer.
• Leads the negotiation with OOH vendors to secure the best rates

2. Client Management

• Act as senior level contact with OOH clients to register and resolve questions, express needs and communicate business and service issues, as well as monitor the health of the client relationship and ways that we can boost its business. Liases & communicates with the client media brand teams (DVM, TKL, VCM) to ensure seamless service
• Develop, plan and manage overall OOH business direction of the accounts
• Build strong senior client relationships (media client & marketing team) to ensure healthy & satisfactory client relationships
• Provide the Performance Evaluation System to key clients and achieve Good to excellent scores in customer satisfaction.
• Seek opportunities to farm existing non OOH accounts for new business opportunities to grow revenue
• Be proactive in informing and proposing new OOH opportunities to the client
• Make sure that reporting and operation procedures of the client team are efficient and evolving to address changing client and management needs (e.g., contact reporting, status and revenue reports, etc.).
• Collaborates with clients and media team members and media planners to resolve media billing issues.

3. Business ManagementWork with the Group COO to:

• Manage the OOH P & L
• Deliver financial targets
• Develop annual OOH business plan
• Deliver projected OOH revenue from all clients with accurate monthly revenue forecasts
• Improve profitability of accounts - absolute & OP margin
• Monitor and report on accounts receivables - payments and closure of jobs - ensuring timely payment
• Collaborate on preparing the annual business plan with clear strategies, action plan and objectives to be achieved
• Provide weekly & Monthly reports
• Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of OOH media department by systemizing media work flows and the current working system

4. Team Management:

• Transfer OOH media know-how, tools and methods to upgrade staff’s expertise, professional and communications planning skills.
• Improve staff accountability & quality by setting KPI's & conduct performance reviews for direct report staff
• Lead staff recruitment - replacements & new hires - with prospecting, interviews & package development
• Lead promotions, incentives, re-structuring & firing as required
• Manage internal relationships to achieve cohesive teamwork Lead & contribute to DVMG training, staff morale/ welfare improvement programs and planning

5. Business Development

Aid in new OOH business development:
• Prospecting: Identify and develop medium to large new business opportunities
• Work at team on new business pitches and RFP's for DVMG OOH

6. Others

• Lead & contribute to Brand profile raising efforts such as speaking engagements, PR, round tables, etc

Job Requirements

1. Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) required.
• 1-2 years in Media planning with an emphasis in Out-of-Home Media.
• Strong experience in Traditional-Digital-Alternative and work experience in outdoor advertising preferred.
• Related experience in media planning required.
• Proficiency in media software.

2. Technical Skills

• Experience on strategic OOH planning
• In-depth understanding of Outdoor Media planning/buying, negotiations
• Knowledge of key Outdoor auditing platforms and tools along with their functionality
• Strong research skills & presentation skills. You must be able to be part of a pitch team and have the ability to present your own work
• Strong project management and performance management skills
• Tracking, reporting & analytics
• Occasional travel to supported markets or clients may be required.

3. Leadership Responsibilities

• Supervise the work of media buyers, media vendors.

Interest candidates please send your CV to [email protected] with tiltle [Corporate Affairs Manager - Advertising]_Name or [OOH Planning Manager - Advertising]_Name

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