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Võ Hoa Quốc Dũng

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5 signs it's time for a digital vacation

In our interconnected world where you can call, text, email, or connect via social media to anyone, anytime from practically anywhere in the world, here are five signs it's time for a digital vacation.

1. You email or text back and forth with someone who is sitting in the next room.

2. You wake up in the middle of the night and check and respond to your email and social media accounts.

3. You check your email during a movie.

4. You are traveling and having a great time and concurrently uploading pictures...and every few minutes checking to see who commented.

5. You take your phone to the bathroom, yup, you guessed it, so you can check your email and social media account.

So, you need a digital vacation. Now what? Where can you go?

I just returned from a 7-day cruise to Alaska. After 2 days of withdrawal, I actually found myself feeling relaxed (and yes I will confess using the bathroom much less often).

I simply turned on my vacation message and allowed myself to technology detox.

If you're not ready to go 7 days without technology, take a drive up a mountain, to a forest, or take a boat ride. The several hours you will be disconnected will provide a much needed break, something frequent flyers get to experience when they are willing to shut down their laptops.

When you get back, try these tips...if you have the courage:

- Declare your bedroom a no-tech zone (yes that includes the bathroom - all of them)

- Choose one day a week to put the technology away (Sunday maybe)

- Silence your phone after hours. Schedule a time to check it once in the evening.

- Turn off all technology at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Most likely you will sleep better. And, when you sleep better you can be more productive.

What other ideas have you found for taking a digital vacation?