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[HCM][Agency] TBWA Group Vietnam: PR Project Executive


Account Direction: effectively implement projects

  • Well know the status of every single project’s detail (day-to-day plan, cost estimate, timeline, etc)
  • The capability of preparing small/ feedback briefs to creative, PR, Activation/Event, media, etc.
  • The capability of solving “small” (daily) problems and thinking of solutions for “medium” problems.
  • Together with the team, plan, write, and edit various PR plans, content outline plans, and materials, including but not limited to articles, editorials, advertorials, press releases, speeches, newsletters, brochures, scripts…
  • Take part in a multi-functional team to develop and implement 360 degrees communication plan & develop a client service process and enforce the process regularly.
  • Monitor the media for client opportunities, including newspapers, magazines, journals, broadcasts, newswires, social media sites, and blogs.
  • Watch out for market highlights: trend/ issue/ crisis/ potentials, etc, upon respective accounts handled.

Client engagement: engage & strengthen the client’s relationship.

  • Build & maintain a good relationship with respective clients.
  • Understand & contribute to marketing communication execution.
  • Daily client management with full status knowledge in details of respective accounts handled.


  • Minimal 1 – 2 years working experience in PR, marketing, advertising, or communications capacity, with experience handling integrated communication.
  • Interested in content writing and PR skillset development.
  • Account management skills built on a keen understanding of marketing, brand-building, and PR and Social Media disciplines as an advantage.
  • Appreciation for detail and follow-through, great multi-tasker
  • Great with people, strong interpersonal skills, and team player
  • Embrace changes and challenges, able to handle pressure well
  • Professionalism, integrity & transparency

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Required Behavior



We are individuals that achieve the most when we work together – across disciplines, across departments, across geographies. We are always contributing to the collective, working together towards a common goal and never in pursuit of self.


A questioning mentality is the only mindset to have. It is also an essential element in creativity.


For our clients to entrust us with the actions we would like to take on their behalf, they must trust us completely. Our own integrity is critical to gaining that trust. And that means that our interest has to be in their issues rather than our own.


Disruption is at our core. It is more than a tool or a system, it is a mindset. Where we see conventions, we overturn them. Where we face obstacles, we overcome them. We are the ultimate challenger brand, for challenger brands.


We are ambitious for our clients, their brands, our company and ourselves. We constantly chase new heights and yearn to achieve new things. All without politics and selfish behavior.

About TBWAGroup Vietnam:

We are not a traditional ad agency network —we are a radically open creative collective. We look at what everyone else is doing and strive to do something completely new. Completely ownable. We live and breathe Disruption, and for more than two decades that's been the secret to our clients' unprecedented success.