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[HCM][Client] Confidential Start-up: Brand Manager


Brand: Confidential Start-up

We look for hungry, proactive, progressive, following-through, and result-oriented person who wishes to join us to launch modern living products and build community of progressive youth successfully together.

Job Description:

  • Lead, develop, implement and manage communication of new product launches. We will have from 6-10 new branches to be launched in 2022.
  • Develop, produce, implement, monitor social plan, content, and community activities.
  • Work with multi-function teams including operation, design, tech, creative to incorporate multi dimensions into storytelling and communication.
  • Work on plan and activities to build community and create positive wom.
  • Follow up with sale and operation team to ensure that marketing activities leading to sale/commerce results.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent in digital marketing including digital advertising, social community, social media.
  • Ability to link up and follow thru marketing activity and commerce result.
  • Ability to do marketing execution plan and content planning.
  • Ability to do plan and launch new product and manage communication of new product launch to deliver best impact.
  • Ability to connect offline-online brand experience to build brand and community.
  • Ability to embrace lifestyle and trends and cultural moves by young generation.
  • Be resourceful, result-oriented, follow-through, and continuous learning.

Please feel free to send your CV to [email protected] and join us!

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