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[HCM][Agency] Vero: Positions for Account & Media teams

We're looking for candidates for positions of Account and Creative team that can join our us with regional clients with the following information:

1. Lifestyle Communications Specialist, Vietnam

2. Corporate Communications Specialist, Vietnam

3. IMC Consumer Account Manager, Vietnam

4. Senior IMC Account Executive, Vietnam

5. Senior PR Account Executive, Vietnam

Please visit for more detail about the positions.

If you are interested in any position, please drop your CV/portfolio to us at email [email protected] Thank you!



You will be a member of a multicultural team of communication specialists, spread across the region and brought together by their love for creative and efficient strategies. We pride in creating deeply simulating flexible workplaces informal and inspiring.

We also invest in a comprehensive set of employee benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Annual Bonus: An “enhanced 13th month” through which you will receive an annual extra sum of money equal to your salary in the preceding month plus a fraction of annual company benefits. The year-end bonus is determined by the Company and at its sole discretion. The Year-end Bonus is paid in the same paycheck as January.
  • Flexible Office: All our employees can choose where they want to work on any given day, should it be from the office, from home, from a coffee shop, or from a yacht in the Pacific Ocean. Our office is located in Ho Chi Minh city’s D1, Da Kao district.
  • Tech set-up: one company laptop, a budget to build your home office, subscriptions to relevant industry media as well as to social sentiment analysis, and business intelligence tools and dashboards.
  • Working days: from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm (including 1 hour of lunch break).
  • International Travel: As much as possible we push our teams to travel for events/client work. On any given year (non-pandemic that is) manager-level team members have the opportunity to visit some of our other offices, attend industry events and follow their clients if they handle regional projects.
  • Leave: 12 (twelve) paid days annual leave in every calendar year (in addition to weekends, and public holidays according to Vietnam labor law).
  • Sick Leave: The number of sick leaves is not monitored by the company as we believe that you should take a rest when you are unwell and unfit to work.
  • Wellness day off: 1 paid day per quarter for you to take time off, unplug, treat yourself with something nice.
  • Extended weekends: 1 extra day per month for you to take on a Friday or a Monday and enjoy a long weekend.
  • Thought Leadership and training: We sponsor team members with training tools and resources, both internal and external, and we even incentivize employees to complete classes. Details of training programs and incentives will be shared upon your onboarding. This includes training and development investments organized by the company as well as specialized programs that our executives may come across and feel are needed for their development. For example, this could be a program organized by a group such as PR WEEK, PRCA, or a training program that focuses on business in general. Across the Vero group, we are seeking new and better ways to help people develop careers – and of course, this would apply to Vietnam too.
  • Health Insurance: The Company will provide private medical insurance as a benefit. The actual package and structure of the insurance may be determined by the Company and at its sole discretion.
  • Mental Health Budget: We understand the importance of access to proper mental health support, all our employees can access a minimum budget of $500 USD per year for therapy with internationally trained psychologists. The access to this budget and the content of your therapy is 100% confidential, only you and your therapist know what is being said during sessions, of course.

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