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[HCM] [Agency] AnPR: Senior Account Executive

1. Job Description

- Senior Account Executive should be a capable professional who is able to handle a wide range of projects/clients with a high degree of independence and sound judgment.
- Senior Account Executive has the ability and experience to play a primary, independent implementation role in client work. He/she must possess a deep understanding about PR in Vietnam and be able to come up with creative initiatives to help client solving their business/communication objective.

2. Key Responsibilities

- Works with existing clients and other members of the team to uncover business needs and objectives, craft appropriate overall strategies and plans to achieve clients’ business objectives

- Serves as daily client contact and as client lead when appropriate

- Oversees quality and operational performance of accounts, ensuring work quality and deadline adherence.

3. Job Requirements

- At least 2-3 years working experience (experience working for PR Agency is a plus)

- A passion for the media

- Experience in project management & build good media relation

- Has a strong problem-solving skill, able to come up with fruitful solution for daily task.

- Ability to develop content

- High levels of communication - both presentation, verbal and written skills in Vietnamese and English

- Good health, can often work overtime and away on business trips to ensure work efficiency and quality

4. Benefits

- Competitive salary

- Yearly bonuses

- Social insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance based on gross salary

- Flexible working hour

- Yearly training policy

- Yearly medical checkup

- Yearly teambuilding and travel trip

5. How to apply

- Send CV to: [email protected] / [email protected]
- Email subject : [The position applying] - [Full name]

- Info: W: / Fb: ANPR

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