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[HCMC][Agency] IMAS Communications: Tuyển Design Intern

Title: Design Internlogo 2 none

Agency: IMAS Communications
Location: IMAS Head office
Accountable to: Art Director

Responsibility and authority:

  1. Work closely with the Art Director to execute on the creative strategy for projects
  2. Have a strong knowledge of the digital and can show our team and clients the right design direction
  3. Contribute all sorts of design and production to support team, focus on innovation and quality
  4. Inspire and collaborate with team to produce inventive, thoughtful, relevant work for clients
  5. Work closely with the creative team, design and deliver breakthrough digital experiences from websites to mobile apps, social media campaigns or games
  6. Participate and facilitate the brainstorming sessions
  7. Not only develop your own concepts/designs but also collaborate with the team to enhance every project and not above any task
  8. Cultivate an understanding of industry trends and share your insights with the team
  9. Experiment on new tools and techniques to improve your work


Suitable with IMAS value:

  • Trustworthy
  • Enjoyable
  • Beyond borders

Specific knowledge and skill:

  1. Good in Photoshop and Illustrator
  2. Have solid background in design with a rich understanding of Typography, Color, Composition & Layout
  3. Understand and appreciate best practices for Web design – Technologies, applications, platforms, and limitations
  4. Can demonstrate range in both concepts and final design solutions
  5. Have an extremely high regard to details
  6. Be able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines without losing your way
  7. Have the passion for what you do, not just chasing a paycheck
  8. Have such a strong positive attitude that it is contagious.

Send us CV & Portfolio at: [email protected]

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