[HCM][Client] Rosebanks: Tuyển dụng Marketing & Content Executive Lưu

Marketing & Content Executive is the main factor in the success of a campaign. Your responsibilities are providing and participating in marketing activities in order to promote products, service to the public. With the widen knowledge and realistic experience, you’re able to research the market, acknowledge target customer, and prepare strategic plan to market products, increase sales and brand awareness.

Who we are

ROSE BANKS is a fashion brand based in Ho Chi Minh. We cater to women’s taste for elegance in dress, with classy and simple design. We have a relaxed, open and friendly environment and are looking for a hard-working, fun-loving colleagues to join our growing team.

Who we are looking for

A marketing and content executive puts heart in everything you do. You’re also open-minded, passionate, and have an eye for detail.

What the job entails

  • Research market and suitable target customer for product
  • Prepare, deliver, and report marketing plan with key objectives
  • Work with in-house designer to produce materials matching with brand guidelines
  • Research about products, service, & customer taste to create diversified content style
  • Proceed marketing plan and prepare content post for Facebook, Instagram page
  • Involve key persons of product in each plan stage
  • Generate reports for campaigns once completed


  • Have knowledge about fashion (Fashion lover is a plus)
  • Have skills in photography and content production
  • Sense and understand brand’s spirit
  • Collaborate with related partner in content writing and brand image
  • Conversational English

Work with us, you’ll have opportunities to

  • Enjoy an open, friendly, modem working environment
  • Attend professional internal training
  • Have potential career path in Marketing and Content Services


If you find interested in this position, don’t hesitate to send your CV (English/ Vietnamese) with your Facebook/ Instagram link and your motivation letter via email, love@rosebanks.vn

Look forward to hearing from you! Love

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Nguyễn Thùy Trang 09/08/2018

Chào các bạn, vị trí Marketing & Content Executive bên mình vẫn đang available. Bạn nào quan tâm, thì hãy gửi CV về email love@rosebanks.vn nhé :)

Nguyễn Thùy Trang 14/08/2018

Chào các bạn, nếu các bạn quan tâm đến vị trí này thì hãy gửi email với CV và Facebook/Instagram link vào email love@rosebanks.vn nhé

Nguyễn Thùy Trang 16/08/2018

Hi all, if you love fashion and want to involve yourself in Content & Marketing field, don't hesitate to send your CV (English/ Vietnamese) with your Facebook/ Instagram link and your motivation letter via email, love@rosebanks.vn :)