Twister - Tropicana Twister

Twister - Tropicana Twister
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Having a good day is all up to you.

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Tropicana Twister and Mirum launched their first digital campaign together, spreading the message that a “Good Day or Bad Day Is All In Your Hands.” The campaign was accompanied by online activities that achieved high visibility and engagement on social media.

Hoạt động thực thi


The campaign featured a side-by-side video that showed two sisters living different lifestyles, one depicting an optimistic viewpoint, whilst the other was pessimistic.

It was not only the emotional and meaningful content, but the ability to interact with the clip made that made it popular. Users could switch between stories and experience the differences in girls’ lives by pressing the “T” button. The interaction supported the message throughout the campaign that a “Good Day or Bad Day Is All In Your Hands.”

The message of the campaign was so meaningful, it allowed us to create engaging organic media, and our fans shared the clip and message to their friends to help them stay positive and to enjoy a good day.


To be consistent with the overall message of the campaign, we created "The Optimistic Kit," which included fun, interactive mini-games in GIF format for users to win prizes. The engagement of each GIF was high, building stronger brand love for Tropicana Twister.

Motivation gifs in The Optimistic Kit

The Optimistic Kit included tips to brighten your day with inspiring and vivid visuals.

Tips to make your day shine and brighter

Kết quả

In total, the campaign gained reach of 61.2 million, 11.9 million views, 5.5 million engagement and 13,000 shares. It was a successful digital campaign created by Mirum Vietnam, having a big impact on the audience and Tropicana Twister, with a significant increase in brand awareness and an astonishing 17% jump in sales.

After 2 months, Tropicana Twister’s fan page had over 50,000 new fans. The campaign reached more than 5.5 million views on Facebook and more than 3 million views and 5000 reactions (likes, shares and comments) on YouTube

Furthermore, our inspiring message engaged KOLs, Influencers and Community Channels that helped to maximize awareness.


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