[HCM][Agency] YouNet Digital: Digital Strategic Planning Leader Lưu

YouNet Digital is a member of YouNet Group (www.younet.co), an international mar-tech group.

YouNet Digital orchestrates both creative art and data intelligence to deliver highly performing communication solutions. In this market, clients categorize us as a digital marketing agency or integrated digital consulting firm.

We offer nothing more than:

  • Creative strategy which embraces big data for insightful online approaching
  • Social media & social crisis management which are handled by marketing seniors utilizing YouNet’s always-on systems SocialHeat, SocialCare, SocialCRM, SocialAlert, SocialInfluencers. Clients can relax while we taking care your social reputation
  • Digital production & installation which is empowered by world class in-house-production
  • Performance-based solution which is designed to optimize marketing ROI using performance-based costing model. Mining the biggest data (>40M Facebook profiles, media affiliates), we know where to spend your every single penny for best results

Our team is proud to be trusted Digital Marketing agency chosen by Kido Group, Samsung, TechcomBank, Unilever, Heineken, VietjetAir, Yamaha and other clients from various industries like fem-care, health-care, real-estate.


  • Lead strategic planning across social and digital platforms to provide direction for a brand’s presence
  • Collaborate with given internal resources to deliver the best strategy for clients
  • Liaise with clients to attain an ever evolving understanding of their changing needs and adapting our approach to social media management for them accordingly
  • Deep-dive into social media analytics & data sources to provide actionable insights for our clients
  • Developed more digitally-oriented planning skills alongside the core craft e.g. social listening, web analytics, content planning, and mobile solutions
  • Cascade planning methodology towards related team members via internal workshop and training sessions
  • Embrace “strategic-planning-with-YouNet-way” philosophy to produce cohesive and intelligent plans for clients’ success



  • Promote to higher level (Manager/ Senior Manager)

REPORT TO: Head Of Digital Operations


  • A minimum of 2 – 4 years hands-on experience in digital agency
  • A proven track record in developing strategic plans that benefit the client
  • A wide interest in the intersection between technology and culture/human behavior
  • Possess the ability to create a well thought out, data-backed strategic
  • Very strong analytical skills and ability to mine large sets of data for actionable insights
  • Strong strategic and creative thinking with a passion for delivering best-in-class work
  • Excellent command of English, both verbal and written communication
  • Independent, determined; loves taking responsibility and problem solving
  • The flexibility to work over a number of projects and balance your workload


  • Recipient’s email: hr@younetco.com. CV & Cover Letter in English

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