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Admicro recruits Project Admin

1. Missions:

- Create checklist, track progress of project/campaign.

- Finalize (collect), do weekly or sudden report according to manager’s requirements.

- Systematic synthesis documents involved project/campaign.

- Track (keep up with) financial categories and human resources joining in projects.

2. Qualities:

- Have a good memory and concentration.

- Have ability to collect, connect and analysis as well as control information (with careful, meticulous and prudent character).

- Proficient in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, ect.)

3. Requirement:

- Minimum 1 year of relevant experience in project admin.

- In-depth knowledge of media/digital.

- Fluent in English: ability to read and understand email as well as document.

- Excellent communication skills, be nippy and careful, be able to work under pressure.

4. Benefits:

- Work environment: dynamic, great opportunities to progress and challenges to experience.

- Equipment: provided modern equipment to improve the efficiency of work.

- Salary range: attractive salary.

- Welfare: Social insurance and welfare benefits as stipulated.

How to apply?

- Send your email included cover letter, CV (with photo and written in English), professional certificate (if any) to tuyendung_hcm@admicro.vn

- Email title required to specify: [Brandsvn] [Application position] [Full name]

- Application form will be closed if we find suitable candidates.

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