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Hello Health Group is a leading provider of consumer health information in Asia. Via a network of localized platforms, we empower consumers to make more informed health decisions. And by engaging consumers, we also enable brands to reach their target audience. All at the right time. We are healthcare visionaries who build brands that people love. We simplify the complex, and build platforms that inform, educate, and engage over 35 million people.

Hello Health Group strives to bring world class healthcare information to everyone. Across several markets, we create powerful market-leading content brands. Regionally present. Locally dominant.

Founded in 2015, Hello Bacsi is Hello Health Group’s first market.

Seeing rapid growth, Hello Bacsi is now a household name serving millions of Vietnamese with reliable health content. With a low doctor-to-patient ratio, and a growing middle class, Vietnam has limited healthcare access. These converging factors created a strong need for reliable health information, and today Hello Bacsi is Vietnam’s leading health platform.

Hello Bacsi has quickly risen to become the first source for trusted health content in Vietnam. Our platform has become HONcode-certifed, and received a top Comscore for healthcare. Here are some numbers to prove it. With offices in the heart of Saigon, we’re surrounded by energy, people, and great food. If you’re looking to make an impact, drop us a line. We’re always on the hunt for smart, talented people.

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