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DigiPencil MVV is the creative agency of the connected age. We believe every business challenges is a communication challenge We are a startup solving communication issues in marketing, operation and distribution. In the hyper-connected lives, there are so many NEW things shaping NEW human behaviors.

Therefore, we learn to understand and capture the NEW connected-insight, filter through the lens of a creative agency to deliver actionable business solutions in a right place, right time, right audience.

P.E.N.C.I.L Creative Philosophy People – Experience – Noticeable – Cross – Immersive – Leap Our philosophy starts with understand the People. From stakeholder deep insights, we develop 2-way Experience. Our ideas are required to be Noticeable and creative ideas should be able to be executed in multiple platforms, Cross online/offline. We create Immersive experiences with pioneering technologies and always looking at creating Leap, something like a new jump for our clients. DigiPencil MVV has 55 staff across 2 offices in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi city.

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