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BlueR be the first production house in Vietnam to utilize the complete A-to-Z production pipeline in-house from pre to post, starting from screenwriting, storyboard, 2D, 3D, VFX, video editing, color grading, sound editing to render the final piece.

In BlueR, our 2D/3D artists create  ideas  & concepts   with   state-of-the-art   quality, based on which our VFX team apply the latest visual effect technology enough to push the Vietnamese video to the global spotlight. Not to mention BlueR creative team can deliver original, singular yet practical ideas & concepts ready to blow audiences’ minds away.

BlueR  also  owns  a   private   400-sq-meter  studio,  a collection of camera & equipment which enable shooting flexibly anywhere, for any cause. Thanks to which, BlueR earns independence  in video  production, no  outsource supplier required in any process.

Keep calm and entrust your projects to us.

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