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YouNet Digital is a member of YouNet Group (www.younetgroup.com/vi/) - a leading complete Social Solutions provider in Vietnam & SEA.

Our craftsmen create everything in digital with lively imagination and updated technology for your specific needs and building your business by connecting your brand with customers and ultimately, driving sales.

With advanced Social platforms, we truly understand what motivates, inspires and excites your customers, we then provide exceptional insight to produce creative and results-driven marketing solutions.

Currently, we are looking for Senior Content Executive.


The Senior Content Executive is responsible for working closely with relevant colleagues to produce the most effective content plan; execute all scope of content for campaigns; make sure all contents exactly follow direction on voice, message and timeline which satisfy clients.

  • Develop story/ message and content plan based on creative brief.

  • Join in brainstorming and contribute ideas for other departments (Design, Planning, Client Service)

  • Develop content that are on strategy, reflecting brand’s personality and relevant for digital channels which include, but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and blogs.

  • Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and clients in a clear and timely manner.

  • Adhere to time constraints and client feedbacks.

  • Regularly work with the Art team to toss ideas - contribute visual ideas, check how content ideas can be dramatized visually, write copy from visual ideas.

  • Supervise content distribution and improve content execution as needed (follow client's feedback and social trend, etc.)

  • Make innovations in content planning/ execution based on available methods and techniques.

  • Review execution progress to make sure all works meet client's requirements

  • Actively provide solutions for problems before, during and after running projects.

  • Keep up-to-date on clients’ marketing, products, consumers' trends and competitors’ activities, as well as social and cultural trends and fashions, etc. so that effective and innovative advertising can be created.

  • Keep-up-to-date on all social media techniques, knowledge of content planning, social reports, content creation methods, etc.



  • Minimum of 2 years working experience at a similar position in an advertising agency/ PR departments.

  • Bachelor Degree in Communications, PR or Marketing is a plus.

  • Understanding different language styles that appeal to various target markets.

  • Familiarity with commonly used style guides.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Self-motivated and well organized.


  • Recipient's email: hr@younetgroup.com. CV & Cover Letter in English

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