[HCM][Agency] YouNet Digital: Senior Digital Account Executive Lưu

YouNet Digital (www.younetdigital.com) is a member of YouNet Group (www.younetgroup.com)
YouNet Digital is well-known as an outstanding Digital Marketing agency who can extremely orchestrate both creative art and data intelligence to deliver high-performance communication solutions. We are a member of YouNet Group since 2013.

YouNet Digital is your one-stop-shop for:

  • Creative strategy which embraces big data for insightful online approaching
  • Social media & social crisis management which are handled by marketing seniors utilizing
  • YouNet's always-on systems: Social Heat, Social Care, Social CRM, Social Alert, Social Influencers. Clients can relax while we taking care your social reputation
  • Digital production & installation which is empowered by world class in-house-production
  • Performance-based solution which is designed to optimize marketing ROI using performance-based costing model. Mining the biggest data (>40M Facebook profiles, media affiliates), we know where to spend your every single penny for best results.

YouNet Digital is proud to be trusted Digital Marketing agency chosen by Kido Group, Samsung, TechcomBank, Unilever, Heineken, VietjetAir, Yamaha and others from various industries like fem-care, health-care, real-estate..


* Account Management

  • Be responsible for team’s KPIs (Billing and profit).
  • Be capable to allocate the budget effectively, judge the quotations and add value to the daily jobs to control the strategic direction.
  • Be responsible to take care the current clients and new clients
  • Be capable to support team to solve issues, problems during execution.
  • Annually survey to optimize the Client’s satisfaction.

* Support Team Leadership

  • Support and Lead, inspire and drive the team (incl. line companies) to achieve the objectives (billing, profit, client building, people development and process improvement).
  • Be in charge of project proposals, planning, tracking and delivery (time, quality, and budget) with the Digital Account Manager
  • Ensure that the project team is making appropriate progress and output on a day-to-day basis
  • Be the main contact with the other teams to finish the scope
  • Contribute in working process improvement (internal, inter-companies and external).

* Client Leadership

  • Business Development: support BDM to approach new clients for selling and take care the current clients.
  • Strategy: analyze fact, contribute strategy, make communication plan.
  • Consultant: recommend client to the right direction.
  • Client services: build and maintain the good relationship with clients.



  • Number of years of experiences: 2+ years’ experience in an Account capacity
  • Level of language proficiency: Good verbal, presentation-style and written communication skills in both English & Vietnamese.
  • Soft skills/ competencies: Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skill to communicate effectively with internal and external people. Ability to work effectively in high pressure & with cross-functional teams.


  • Recipient’s email: hr@younetgroup.com. CV & Cover Letter in English

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