[HCMC][Agency] Epinion: Tuyển dụng nhiều vị trí

Epinion is a fast-growing market research company that was founded in 1999. We have Nordic roots and a head office in Copenhagen. We currently have additional offices in Aarhus, Hamburg, Jakarta, London, Malmö, Nuuk, Oslo, Saigon, Stavanger and Vienna.

Our Culture

What really makes us stand out from the crowd is that all these smart people care deeply about what they do.

At Epinion, we don’t believe in silver bullets or magical swords. Success comes from hard work put in by people at the top of their game who love what they do. Skills and technology are important, but people matter more.


Epinion is a meritocracy which owes everything to the skill, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship brought to the company by so many unique people. Firmly rooted in a culture of Nordic egalitarianism, we make no secret of the fact that the next big idea may as well come from the intern as from the chairman of the board.


We embrace diversity, and we love to have our preconceptions challenged. We want people with broad worldviews. We relish informal Friday afternoon talks on everything from politics, statistics and Asian traffic jams to the incredible price inflation of diapers in contemporary society.

The first pledge any manager makes in this company is to work hard to make sure she´s on her way to becoming the dumbest person in the company. All our managers continue to do well on this count, because impressive new talent keeps entering the company. We are sure to continue our growth journey over the years to come.

Our pledge

Epinion is a quality market research company. We measure ourselves by the toughest standards in our industry. We go to great lengths to ensure that our employees are deeply committed and highly competent. Because this is what get’s the job done for you.

We are grateful for the opportunities our clients give us to add value to their businesses, and we remain deeply committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our industry.


Joining Epinion is joining a meritocracy. You are limited only by your own limits. At Epinion, skill and ambition are what count.

We are always looking for new talents and experienced senior consultants to join our team. Please contact Birgitte Eltzholtz (HR Europe) or Tanya Johnston (HR Asia) if you think you have the skills and ambitions to work with us.

Positions Openings: http://epinionglobal.com/career