[HCM][Agency] YouNet: looking for Crisis Monitoring Leader

If you are the successful Crisis Monitoring Team Leader for YouNet we are looking for, you will be responsbile for making Crisis Monitoring and Alert a lead force of our business and well-known solution in the market certified by Client satisfaction and word of mouth testimonials. That means if our Clients are asked to give an opinion about YouNet Media Crisis Alert capability, they wholeheartedly say we are the best.

You will be managing this business as a Profit Center, which means that we will separate all revenues and expenses of this division and account for it as a stand-alone business. Your remuneration will be directly attributed to its success.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Fully dedicated to developing this winning solution within Buzzmetrics and YouNet Media
  • Create and continuously improve the operational procedure to ensure all negative issues of existing and potential Clients are immediately responded within an hour
  • Create operational checkpoints to ensure minimum alerts are missed
  • Working with Crisis Management Team of YouNet Digital to provide a fully integrated Crisis Alert and Management solution to Clients
  • Setup Trials for potential Clients and ensure Trial success
  • Continuously look for opportunities to build Crisis Monitoring business as a successful stand-alone business within Buzzmetrics and YouNet Media. You need to think and act like a business owner
  • Work with Marketing team to create and distribute marketing materials to promote Crisis Monitoring business name


  • You will be encouraged to think and act like a Leader and Director of a business
  • You will be directly mentored and coached by YouNet Board of Directors. You will participate in Management meeting with the Board to align, push forward business strategy, planning and execution
  • You will trained by Crisis Management team and deeply involved in the Crisis Management Process, which is one of the most difficult and dynamic aspect of our business. You will have the chance to learn many tough PR and Negotiation tactics as well as technical handling of crisis management solution.
  • You will be rewarded by Management package with top salary and benefits.


  • You need to be a STAYER with great Attitude
  • You always strive to move forwards in your career development
  • You need to have an aggressive and winning mentality
  • You are willing to work hard and develop a brand name for yourself. Crisis monitoring requires tough hours and working under heavy pressure when crisis happens. Clients and agencies don't appreciate half-solution bullshitters, they appreciate forceful earth movers and decisive action takers

Recipient's email: [email protected]. CV in English