Marketer Trần Văn Long
Trần Văn Long

Senior Recruiter & Trainer @ POPS Worldwide

[HCM][Agency] POPS Worldwide: Looking for Executive Producer

I. Job description:

  • Able to create concept of channel/show, develop concept to multi platform content
  • Insightful of target audience, content for target audience, digital content industry
  • Strategic mindset for content competiveness, able to analyze who are competitors, what competitors are doing, how our products can compete, find out the hook and unique treatment of content
  • Strategic mindset for business return on investment, able to assess content value, calculate ROI, RPV, view goal, maximize revenue.
  • Knowledgeable of copyright and license of content and brand
  • Knowledgeable of production and script writing to lead producers, script writers and social content script writers
  • Marketing mindset to develop audience, promote content on multi platform, create community of target audience
  • Supervise performance of content, do programming to maximize the best performance of content
  • Manage team of senior producers, producers, production assistant, script writer and social content writer
  • Analyze content, ROI of content to acquire

II. Requirements:

  • University/College graduated
  • At least 5 year experiences at the same position.
  • Have knowledge about the content production, create video clip script
  • Can manage production process of content from concept to the finish goods
  • Understand about video clip production process, can evaluate the qualification of the product both shooting and editing technique
  • Have wide relationship in the entertainment industry.
  • Have good job and people management skill
  • Be creative and able to create new trend.
  • Adapt to the online environment, digital content and what related to digital
  • High responsibility, enthusiasm and owning the job
  • Honesty, integrity
  • Good team work skill

Candidates interested in these position, please send your cv’s to Mr. Long via mail box: [email protected] or contact through Phone: 0901 353 866

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