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[HCM - Agency] Halocom: HR Intern

Company Summary

Halocom is a Digital Media Agency with a growing client base. We help companies to achieve business and marketing performance goals through digital channels. Along with a deep understanding of digital advertising, we ride the wave of digital trends to keep developing better solutions for our clients.

At Halocom, we define our success by our clients’ success. Our mission is to become an integral part of our clients’ business growth, creating long lasting business values by providing consistently result-driven digital advertising solutions that tailor fit their individual requirements and business needs.

We always provide a motivating work climate at Halocom that encourages employees to show off their full potential, reflect on their work, and generate more value for both themselves and Halocom.

Position Summary

Human Resources is in charge of enhancing the company's working climate. As an HR, you will be responsible for managing employee data as well as reviewing our company's policies. You'll also lend a hand with the recruitment process. Aside from that, you also have another important role of building a strong connection with the employees in company.


  • Interact with potential candidates on social media and professional networks;

  • Manage job advertisements on job portals and social networks;

  • Assist in screening forms and resumes of applicants;

  • Plan and schedule interviews with candidates;

  • Develop talent pipelines for future hiring needs;

  • Maintain candidate databases via an applicant tracking system;

  • Manage the company's fanpage;

  • Communicating with employees and knowing their concerns;

  • Identifying the source of the issues, counseling the employees and resolving their issues.

  • Tracking employee's performances at regular intervals.

  • Update our internal databases with new employee data;

  • Create materials to train and onboard the employees.


  • Highly motivated in the working environment;

  • Performance review every month;

  • Training about HR skill;

  • Opportunity to become an official employee;

  • Allowance: 2 million/month;

  • Other allowance: Lunch, Dinner, Parking fee, Tel card,…


  • No experience requirements;

  • Studying or Graduated with Major in Human Resources Management or similar field;

  • Able to work full-time for at least 3-6 months;

  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills;

  • Excellent organization and interpersonal skills;

  • Extensive constructive listening abilities;

  • Ability to manage and handle multi tasks;

  • Outstanding problem-solving skills;

  • Having good planning, organizational and management skills;

  • Exceptional attention to detail;

  • Ability to operate alone as well as in a group.


Email: [email protected]

Apply: Send CV to email with title [BrandVN - HRI] Your Name