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Head of Branch @ Omega

[HCM][Omega Group][Root Digital]- Associate Creative Director

Job Overview

Omega Group is a creative & growth solution provider based in HCM, HN, Singapore & India. We have been strategic partner of major Banking, Fintech, Superapps, Insurtech, Lifestyle apps , Real Estate, Luxury, & FMCG for over 10 years.

Our business ecosystem covers 3 following areas:

  • Root Digital: creative agency providing strategy, ideas, production & project management to IMC/ Digital driven campaigns of non-app or full-funnel growth of mobile apps brands. Leveraging on Omega’s media insight, our creative formula is distinguished by feeding effective brand-performance to business growth

  • Omega Media Worldwide: leading performance agency leveraging on homegrown APPA - a performance based (CPI/CPA) marketing platform, provide high CVR for all kinds of mobile apps with huge installs quantity.

  • Omega Martech: consult, design and set up web-based & app-based digital technology solutions including Clever Tap, User Insider, Moengage, Adjust, Clever Tap

To scale up our creative business (Root Digital), we are looking for a talented Associate Creative Director (Copy-based) who would be a key person and potentially one of shareholders to lead his/ her dedicated team and fuel our growth

Responsibilities for Associate Creative Director (Copy-based)

Strategy consulting (20%):

  • Play role as team player with planner to finetune insight/ proposition

  • Share expertise with planning to sharpen integrated proposal strategically from creative POV

  • Be a challenger and intensive advisor for social content direction developed by social team

Creative/Hands-on Work (70%)

  • Review creative briefs that provide strategic insight and creative inspiration

  • Work with ACD, Art/ Creative Director to produce standout and strategically focused concepts and campaign ideas

  • Lead copywriting from thematic concept to channel-led communication

  • Be a go-to person of social team for generating/evaluating key hook ideas & social creatives

  • Contribute insightful POV, sharp refinement and share responsibility for the overall standard of output (concept, art & copy, pitch proposal)

  • Manage and work independently, under tight deadlines, while juggling multiple projects

  • Estimate copy hours

  • Participate in client meetings

  • Lead concept presentations & handle with client feedbacks

  • Corporate identity development: lead ideation for Root’s & other new business brand’s brand identity that is well resonated with its positioning

Leadership (10%)

  • Work with account management to grow our business at existing clients

  • Work with creative director/ CEO to evaluatee workflow, and quality issues and develop growth plans for the creative team

  • Lead copy/content team in development of concepts and execution of all projects

  • Technology/ Trend-watching: stay current with mobile/ digital trends locally & globally to upgrade team knowledge and translate them into innovation among creative works

  • Thought-leadership: team up with CEO/ planning team to invent a creative library covering best creative practices, case studies or new discoveries to speak at private or industry workshops

  • Mentor and encourage subordinates to foster a positive work environment

Qualifications for ACD/ Creative Director

  • Own mindset of “resist the usual” player and innovative strategist

  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to inspire the creative team to give their best

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as presentation skills in order to make outstanding pitches

  • Self-starter attitude and an open outlook

  • Resilience under pressure and against deadlines

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