[HCM][Agency] Xanh Marketing: Creative Lead

Xanh Marketing is looking for a Creative Lead:

A. Role and responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Planner and Account to have a deep understanding about creative directions,

  • Create creative concept, art concept and ideation for all creative assets base on the creative direction and the key message,

  • Manage the ideas of creative team members who joined the pitching to make sure all the creative assets meet the standard and client's objective,

  • Fine-tune proposal and present works to internal teams and clients,

  • Oversee the quality of project's creative products,

  • Manage, supervise, coordinate, train team members (manage a team with about 4-5 members),

  • Training creative teams: copywriting, art, ideation, concept,...

  • Create new products for Creative Planning together with Planner.

B. Qualifications & experience:

  • Study in advertising, marketing, public relation or any majors relating to language, communication, creativity,

  • At least 4-year experience in creative field (copywriter or art),

  • Possess knowledge and experience to work in some specific industries: FMCG, FnB, Finance & Banking,...

C. Skills:

  • Good at writing thinking and writing skill in both Vietnamese and English,

  • Creative thinking,

  • Have fundamental knowledge about Marketing,

  • Good at concept and idea creation for the communication campaign,

  • Presentation skill,

  • Logical and critical thinking,

  • Visual thinking and understand about art trends,

  • Management skill and be highly responsible for working as a part of a project with the team,

  • Hand drawing skill (optional).

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