[HCM][Agency] Ogilvy Consulting: Looking for BRAND & COMMUNICATION STRATEGY TRAINEE

Agency: Ogilvy Consulting

Position: BRAND & COMMUNICATION STRATEGY TRAINEE (4 months, with monthly allowance)

Department: Planning


  • Assist the planning team in conducting primary and secondary research to mine insights around the category, brand, culture, and consumers, as well as turn research findings into rich presentations and strategic ideas/inspiration

  • Support the development of strategy, creative brief, and presentation

  • Collaborate with and inspire creative teams throughout the ideation process


  • Curiosity, sensitivity, and willingness to get your hands dirty

  • A self-starter who is highly organized, disciplined, detail orientated, and able to juggle multiple projects at the same time, sometimes with tight deadlines and under pressure

  • Positive, inspiring, and able to bring fresh perspectives to the team

  • Basic understanding of consumer research methodologies (quantitative & qualitative)

  • Background in e-commerce/data strategy and a keen interest in innovation/ technology is a plus

If interested, please email to [email protected] your CV and prove that you have what it takes by working on the assignment below (in any format) and your deadline is 10/8/2022

We are launching a new packaged beverage brand in Vietnam called ZEnergy, targeting Gen Z in key cities. What makes our products unique is the refreshing fruity flavors plus awakening caffeine content.

Our ambition is to develop a brand rooted in Gen Z’s culture. Your task is to explore:

  1. The market context (in both energy and carbonated soft drink category)

  2. The cultural insight of Gen Z that our new brand can tap into

  3. The “big” brand idea and some topline execution


  • Please keep it short and concise within 10 slides

  • You can use both available data from your desk research or conduct your own quantitative/ qualitative research to explore insight.

  • For desk research, please use credible sources (from research or market intelligence companies) and don’t forget to cite.

  • For quantitative/ qualitative research, please include your methodology and demographic information.

Disclaimer: All information about the brand and its products are made up for the purpose of this assignment.