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G-Solution - We are Agency Event & Activation (BTL), has a full fill a successful dream of client by providing brilliant services on marketing solutions, from branding to event to activation activities...

G-Solution has simple key service is "Shopper Experience" - Bringing the real experience with personal experience to shopper at touch-points.

To do that, our working principles are strategic thinking, quality focus and strict commitment. Especially, we focus in values: commitment, transparency and fairness.


1. Key roles & Responsibilities:


    Project Management (50%):

- Coordinate with other departments to operate projects as customer’s requirement and company commitment;

- Check the project venue for staff evaluation;

- Solve the problems that arise during project operation;

- Performance evaluation after the project has been finished;


- Set up assessment criteria for partner capacity;

  • Team Management (30%):

- Recruit, train, consult and develop Team;

- Take responsibility for performance of Operation staff;

- Support and guide professional specialization for team members on program implementation, industry knowledge/products;

- Support and consult meaningful strategies to build, develop department/company;

  • Market Exploitation (10%):

- Offer solutions and suggest opinions in risk management in the change of market information (salary, new ways to operate, competitor information);

- Develop key partner data source system (Client, Supplier, Leaders at Provinces) & Database (HR Source, Location List, Rate card) which are used for Activation activities;

- Update new information about market/industry frequently;

  • Others (10%):

- Make reports at the request of the direct superior and propose solutions to improve the project's efficiency (if any);

2. Requirements:

- College graduation or above majoring in Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising Communication, Foreign Trade, Foreign Language.

- At least 1 years in equivalent position.

- Or 3-5 years as a Project Leader.

- Under high pressure, work independently well;

- Have knowledge about Trade Marketing, Activation organization;

- Fluently in English writing & speaking;

- Proficient in office skills: ppt, excel, word;

- Understand and be sensitive to data;

- Understand the market and companies in the same industry;

3. Benefits:

- Salary: negotiate, attractive.

- Bonus on performance interest: average 3-4 salary months; holidays, birthday.

- Allowance: meal, phone, taxi.

- Activities: team building, company trip, year-end party, happy hours,..

- Working in a dynamic environment.

- Other benefits will be follow with the Labor Law.

4. Location: Nguyen Kiem, Phu Nhuan, HCMC

5. Apply to us:

+ For immediate and confidential consideration please email your CV and previous work samples to [email protected]

6. Contact:

If have any question, contact to Ms.Quế (098.987.5153)

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