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Xanh Marketing is a boutique digital creative agency.
We have been doing creative work based on our understanding of human nature and brand nature.

To us, marketing is happyness, and doing marketing is creating and sharing happyness. We digest every piece of Vietnamese culture and get inspiration from everything to tell inspiring stories in a digital environment.

Digital environment is making communications playground more and more achievable for businesses at any size. With deep-dyed knowledge of its platforms, channels and tools, we believe that we are making the most of it to serve our clients.

Xanh Marketing is looking for a Senior Account Executive who is curious about the world and thriving to win.



Based on the Account Manager’s assignment, the Senior Account Executive is responsible to:

  • Managing the performance of assigned revenues;
  • Building & maintaining client/partner relationship for business growth;
  • Financial managing and being in charge of revenue growth from given clients;
  • Managing and coaching staffs to run projects well;
  • Monitoring & reporting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & full year with business schedule in details;
  • Taking responsibility for campaign execution (preparing execution plan, monitor the project's process/human resource to ensure all tasks are fulfilled;
  • Supervising, evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns and giving recommendations to optimize project's performance;
  • Reporting, continuously evaluating and giving recommendations helps improve performance and process.


1. Qualification:

  • At least 3-year experience in Account Management of Agency;
  • Experience in the same position across various brands, advertising, marketing disciplines, digital,…

2. Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, communication in Vietnamese and English;
  • Good time management and organizational skills;
  • Excellent trouble-shooting and solution-finding skills in terms of staff and projects;
  • Excellent people skills and the ability to work with a wide range of people;
  • Working long hours, especially under tight deadlines.

For more information:

Website: https://xanh.marketing/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/XanhMarketing


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13357188


Please send your CV via [email protected] with email subject Apply Senior Account Executive / Fullname

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