[HCM][Agency] Xanh Marketing: Account Manager Lưu

Xanh Marketing is looking for an Account Manager who is curious about the world and thriving to win.


Acknowledge the product, capacity and business strategy of company. Based on the Account Director’s assignment, he/ she is responsible to:

  • Planning and sharing business plans with partners (market benchmarks / categories / brands / services / reports);
  • Supporting line manager in developing ideas and business models in alignment with company revenue;
  • Supporting line manager in developing strategy and deploying strategy into plans and activities;
  • Managing the performance of assigned revenues;
  • Building & maintaining client/partner relationship for business growth;
  • Financial managing and being in charge of revenue growth from given clients;
  • Managing and coaching staffs to run projects well;
  • Monitoring & reporting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & full year with business schedule in details;
  • Taking responsibility for campaign execution (preparing execution plan, monitor the project's process/human resource to ensure all tasks are fulfilled;
  • Supervising, evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns and giving recommendations to optimize project's performance;
  • Reporting, continuously evaluating and giving recommendations helps improve performance and process.


1. Qualification:

  • Communication Marketing (principles, market, competition, trend);
  • Digital Marketing (principles, market, competition, trend);
  • At least 1-year experience in the same position or 5-year experience in Account Management of Agency;
  • Experience in overseeing the brand’s project budget from 10 billion/year or more.


2. Project management:

  • Team management & leadership skills;
  • Project management skill;
  • Organization skill.

3. Team Management & Mindset:

  • Inspiration, motivation skill;
  • Managing and coaching.

4. Personal branding:

  • Professional;
  • Discipline;
  • Genuine;
  • Teamwork.

For more information:

Website: https://xanh.marketing/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/XanhMarketing

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13357188


Please send your CV via [email protected] with email subject Apply Account Manager_Fullname

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