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As a content executive for Designveloper, you are responsible for content management, planning, and implementation on a daily basis. By constantly improving the quality of content, you will help the company reach more potential clients and enhance the reputation.

Job Description:

● Create and implement content plans for the company’s blogs. Content writing:


● Write SEO-friendly articles and review writings from freelancers (all in English).

● Publish articles to the company’s website using Wordpress CMS and share to social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

● Report monthly and propose ideas for improving content metrics (time on page, pages per section, bounce rate), using Google Analytics and other tools.

● Create and send out newsletters every two weeks.


● Create content for seeding posts and backlinks.

● Work with SEO specialists to optimize content for Google Ads and GDN. ● Support internal marketing and employer branding.

Job Requirement:

● A degree in English, Journalism, Advertising or Communications.

● 1-2 years experience in a relevant position.


● Good advanced English.

● Experienced in the social content creator.

● Creative and ready to take on the challenge.

● Knowledge in SEO.

● Performing audience research and social monitoring as a basis of content design.

● Researching and investigating topics.

● Self-motivated, detail-oriented, focused and ambitious


● Working time 35 hours/week (Monday - Friday).

● Have 2 remote days/week.

● Professional training process.

● Almost all customers from the US, UK ....

● Support IMac/Macbook

● PVI health care

● Food & drink in office …..(13th month salary, support parking cost …)

Contact information:

Phạm Thị Hà Bắc /HR Executive | Designveloper - www.designveloper.com

Email: [email protected] Mobile: (84) 966642483

Address: 14 Street 39, Binh An ward, District 2, Hochiminh city, VietnaM

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