[Hanoi/HCM] [Agency] T&A Ogilvy: Looking for Senior Account Executive/Account Executive Lưu

As the leading PR agency in Vietnam, T&A Ogilvy draws from both its local and international heritage and expertise. Covering a range of services including Corporate PR, Government Relations, Crisis Management, Internal Communications, Social Media and many others, T&A Ogilvy has a deep understanding of the ever changing dynamics of ‘influence’ and how that can shape the opinions of key stakeholders, as well as the general public in Vietnam. T&A Ogilvy is looking local candidate for Senior Account Executive/Account Executive position work in Hanoi (Qty:1) and HCMC(Qty:1).


  • Performs day-to-day account work which may include: drafting a wide range of written content, coordinating events, maintaining client and influencers’ contact, managing projects performed with and by others.

  • Manage client expectations, earning clients’ respect, trust and confidence.

  • Develop and manage projects/programs, including implementation plans, evaluation mechanisms, staffing plans, budgets, and timelines.

  • Develop presentations for clients relative to project management and program status.

  • Keep team(s) appropriately informed and involved in projects; ensure projects run smoothly, and help team members feel empowered, respected, and educated.

  • Identify and secure assistance with emerging account problems.

  • Understands and manages billing and activity reporting processes.

  • Manages time for optimum productivity and maximum billability.


  • At least 2 years ( for Account Executive) and 3 years ( for Senior Account Executive) PR experience.

  • Has a strong PR content skill ( PR content writing and content QC).

  • Has a strong communication skill (presentation, negotiation)

  • Has a strong problem solving skill, able to come up with fruitful solution for daily task.

  • Strong project management skill, able to manage multiple parties to complete tasks and deliver quality outcomes for projects.

  • Has a good sense of art: able to brief, judge and give constructive feedback for creative team in order to deliver high quality visual/creative for project.

  • Possesses a high degree of English competency

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, media databases and social media networks.

Please send your CV to Ms. Quynh Trang: [email protected]

Thank you!

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