[HCM][Agency] POPS Worldwide: Recruitment Digital Account Executive Lưu

Trần Văn Long
Senior Recruiter & Trainer , POPS Worldwide


  • Work directly with clients and partners across all aspects of digital media planning as well as develop and present digital media strategy, campaign management, optimization and evaluation to clients.
  • Build and align digital media plans with client goals, and manage/execute digital media buys and maintain strong relationships with clients. The right candidate will move the organization forward by providing effective/efficient media buying, innovative solutions, and performance insights and recommendations to help the delivery and achieve client’s goals.
  • Be responsible for maintaining, planning, executing and managing several digital campaigns across multiple verticals
  • Be responsible for overseeing process with vendors, building digital media plans, executing digital media buys, communicating with clients regularly
  • Collaborate with other digital team members to encourage a learning environment, identify critical conferences for the agency and unique targeting opportunities to help stay at the forefront of the digital advertising space
  • Create digital media plans that excite the client and meet and exceed their objectives – whether branding or ROI driven
  • Develop and maintain relationships with media partners in the US as well as globally to secure exceptional value for clients
  • Ensure digital media buyers negotiates best price and media placement for clients
  • Manage and optimize ongoing campaigns across vendors, creative, placements, etc. to proactively deliver the best results for our clients
  • Review, provide input, and take action on campaign results and analytics, demonstrating the effectiveness of the media optimization, and articulating insights based on performance data
  • Supervises media schedules and contracts with outside media vendors
  • Responsible for creating and presenting media specific documents such as media plans, objectives and strategies decks, and other related client deliverables
  • Skilled with syndicated research (ComScore, Nielsen, etc.) as it relates to the online world
  • Provides creative analysis and recommendations when appropriate to improve media performance

Candidate interested in this position, please send your cv’s to Mr. Long via mail box: lo[email protected]

Phone: 0901 353 866


Thank you!

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