Admicro HCM - PR Serving Lưu

1 / Job description:

- Operate browsing / posting PR articles at the request of sale and customers
- Handling issues related to reporting data, set up complementary PR products
- Serving items of design and social packages

2 / Request:


- Education
- Specialization: Priority has been in journalism
- Skills: Language, communication, hard work, careful and skillful
- Writing experience, regarding content, must not be misspelled

3 / Benefits:

Working in a dynamic, challenging environment, with the opportunity to receive regular professional training
Provided with modern equipment, laptops, personal computers ... necessary to improve working efficiency
Attractive salary (always higher than the market)
Social insurance, health insurance and other benefits comply with the Labor Law and the Company.
4. Requirements for applications:

- Encouraging candidates to send CV of candidates via email, email subject requiring the position of application [PR Planner] _ [Full name]


- CV (PDF format) - a résumé stating the learning process and work experience of the candidate (required)

- Contact email: [email protected]

- Working location: 123 Vo Van Tan, Q3, HCMC.

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