[HCM][Agency] Admicro: Creative content Lưu

Your role:
- Work with internal team to develop and managing creative content for the life cycle of a project.
- Supervise and make sure all content aspect of a project have a consistent tone of voice.
- Be able to present creative and sell content solutions to internal team and client.

- Great communication skill.
- Strong persuasive skill.
- Be able to produce and mange multiple projects at the same time.



• Salary: Negotiable according to capacity.

• Working directly with the Board of Directors, who are experienced experience, strategic and creative thinking.

• The opportunity to develop oneself for doing big, ongoing projects development priority at VCCorp

• Fully entitled to social insurance, health insurance and other welfare policies in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law and the preferential treatment of Company.


• Opportunity to participate in events / festivals, domestic and foreign tours.

• Integrating with the "Multiracial" culture with nearly 3000 VCers

• Annual recurring tourism. For details of VCCorp see at: https://vccorp.vn/ Candidates can send CV via: [email protected]

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