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Talent Acquisition Specialist , Chợ Tốt

Chợ Tốt is looking for a Product Marketing Specialist to join our Growth Marketing team. This position will enable you to have varied experience in both data-driven marketing and tech product understanding.

For this role, you will be one of the first people experience the newest, coolest features of Chợ Tốt. As a Product Marketing Specialist, you will help our users to use our platform in the most effective way which can make a positive impact on both users’ daily lives and on Chợ Tốt business.


  • Coordinate with Growth Squad to promote new features & new programme for users (sellers & buyers) including

    • Work with Design team to create communication materials

    • Plan & Execute plan to promote new features through various channels (email/sms/push-notification/etc)

    • Constantly track to ensure campaign’s KPIs

    • Collect & Analyse data to improve current campaigns as well as draw Key Learning Points for future campaigns

    • Developing tools and frameworks that can boost up adoption rate of new features/programmes among users

  • Assist Growth Marketing team in running various experiments in both user acquisition & user retention

  • Join in periodical brainstorming & planning session to contribute ideas about new product campaigns.

  • Other ad hoc projects assigned by the Head of Marketing


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or an equivalent field.

  • Fundamental understanding of user journey and basic metrics of user behaviour (bounce rate, time on site, pageviews/visit, etc).

  • Basic Understanding of tools to measure marketing performance.

  • Creative & Curious to explore new ideas.

  • A strong sense of responsibility and ownership in work.

  • Good team spirit & Data/Results driven.

  • Ability to adapt and learn quickly in fast-paced work environment.

  • Having user-focused mindset.

  • Passionate about tech products, especially marketplace & ecommerce.

  • Experience in e-commerce field is a plus.


  • Phone: (+84) 035 279 7744 (Mr. Toàn – Organization Department).

  • Send your updated CV to toan.vo@gmail.com

  • Email subject: [Brand Marketing Specialist] Fullname

  • Feel free to chat with my Skype: live:vothanhphuoctoan1998

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