[HCM][Agency] OgilvyOne: Tuyển Account Executive hay còn gọi là Associate Digital Producer


To assist the Account Team and Project Managers in the execution of projects.

To effectively manage the Company’s internal resources in order to provide quality project deliverables to nominated accounts.

Key Responsibilities

Project Specific

  • To undertake the development necessary for each concept as briefed e.g. sourcing/contacting third parties/obtaining quotations/briefing internal and external facilities - normally under the supervision of AD/AS.
  • Open new business job numbers and live job number on the studio server.
  • To prepare material for Client e.g. collation of samples/visuals, timelines costs etc for discussion with your RAD/AM.
  • Develop a critical eye for material produced by creative/ production team ensuring it is free of errors and omissions as well as on brief.
  • Ensure you regularly communicate project status with your AS/AD
  • Lead internal production of 2-3 projects at one time ensuring on time and flawless delivery.
  • Assist Producers/Senior Producers/Executive Producers/Project Managers with creation of Functional Specifications.
  • Collect 1st round designs and share them with the Creative Director for Feedback.
  • Once designs are approved and revised from the CD, send them to the AS team.
  • Save final designs and copy to server and share link with production team.
  • Review test scripts and share them with the AS team for approval.
  • Consolidate customer feedback into one document and provide to required parties.
  • Update Functional Specifications/Copy Decks/Etc. based on changes to customer requirements.
  • Source items of a non-technical nature (i.e. gifts, prizes, etc.) when required for projects/campaigns (either internal or external) and liaise with suppliers to find best price, availability, and quality in order to fulfill client or internal requirements.

Project Management

  • To assist in the co-ordination, writing and verbal briefing of internal and external resources as required e.g. creative, production, third party specialists etc.
  • Provide Team with feedback on project on a daily/”need-to-know” basis.
  • Provide updates to budgets and timings and help Managers ensure timing plans are fully up to date.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of each process involved in a project and execute actions required when they arise.
  • Develop thorough understanding of internal project management software and meticulously create projects and keep them updated with project status and schedule changes.
  • Follow projects from development of costing and timeline through production and testing to go live.
  • Test all production work thoroughly (on at least 3 browsers) before releasing it to the client.
  • Assist with uploading content and CMS Management.

Communication & Listening Skills

  • Initiate regular internal WIP meetings with your Managers for status updates on projects
  • Equally, demonstrate that you have listened to any brief provided to you through effective feedback/implementation
  • Demonstrate effective briefing by preparing written briefs on all occasions to the satisfaction of AS/AD.
  • Begin to acquire a grasp of good design/creative work by listening to feedback from more experienced team members
  • Assist in arranging and contributing at brainstorms.

Interested candidate please send your resume to [email protected] for application or further information. Kindly note that only qualified candidates are contacted for interviews.