Marketer Phạm Thị Khánh Tâm
Phạm Thị Khánh Tâm

Event & Marketing Manager @ Asia Media Partners

M2 - Marketing & Media Network Night 9/9/2015

Sự kiện "M2 - Marketing & Media Network" vào tháng 9 bao gồm các diễn giả là các chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực của họ, mỗi người sẽ thuyết trình từ 15 - 20 phút, với một câu hỏi từ khán giả. Đây cũng là dịp để khách tham dự được networking với nhau, chúng tôi có phục vụ đồ uống và thức ăn nhẹ trước và sau phần thuyết trình.

  • Thời gian: Ngày 09 tháng 9 năm 2015
  • Thời gian: 18:00 - 20:30
  • Địa điểm: Hard Rock Café


Satyajit Ghosh - Head of Media, Unilever Vietnam

Satya is the Head of Media at Unilever Vietnam, one of the leading suppliers of consumer-packaged goods. In this role, Satya is responsible for development and execution of the communications strategy delivering maximum ROMI, breakthrough innovation and functional excellence across all paid and earned media.

Prior to his current role, Satya spent 10 years in the advertising and media industry working in India, Malaysia and Singapore. He was based in Singapore as part of the Starcom Mediavest Group regional team handling APAC markets for brands like Samsung, GSK and P&G before joining Unilever Vietnam in August 2013.

Satya started his career in India doing a short stint with ABN Amro Bank before moving to Mediacom as implementation planner and buyer for J&J brands. Satya has a Marketing MBA from India. Outside the office, Satya currently lives in HCMC and he is a wanderlust who enjoys traveling and exploring different places.

The content marketing imperative: From Campaigns to Content – “Brands as Publishers”

The “Always-On” consumer is accessing multiple kinds of content across multiple devices everyday. This requires brands to think more expansively beyond the traditional Advertising Campaigns to keep themselves culturally relevant and top of mind.

If brands can publish content that is recent, relevant, refreshed & engaging, consumers will ultimately reward them with both their business and loyalty.

But what does it take to do this?

Thue Quist Thomasen - Founder of Decision Lab

Thue Quist Thomasen is Founder of Decision Lab. Based in the HCMC office, Thue has been part of the Decision Lab family for more than seven years and been integral to its rapid growth in the SE Asian region. Together with Aske Ostergard, he has grown Decision Lab's Vietnamese presence from an idea and business plan to an operation with more than 80 employees.

He holds more than 14 years’ experience in marketing, business development and market research and has worked closely with clients such as The Financial Times, Friesland Campina and Heineken. A graduate of both Copenhagen and HKUST Business Schools, Thue is currently a member of Danish Management Society VL 97.

Genzilla - Who is Gen Z? And why do we need to know about them?

They're the decision makers of tomorrow: Age from 13-21, it's critical to know your potential consumers of tomorrow's market, what drives them and how to communicate with them.

They’re the opinion leaders of today: Born in the digital era, Gen Z is fearless when it comes to experiencing new things; they have access to almost any information they might be interested in. So make sure your brands appear in the right way at the right place for them.

They’re unpredictable: Our study found that Gen Z is not as predictable as we might think. In fact, there are many myths that need to be dispelled. Together, let's split the facts from the fallacies about this interesting generation. Our data set about Gen Z in Vietnam shines an exciting new light on the way Gen Z looks set to behave today and tomorrow.

Ngo Thi Cam Tu - Co-Founder, Business Director, MegaMedia Company Limited

Ngo Thi Cam Tu is recognized as Vietnam’s most reputable Audio / Radio marketing specialist and is a co-founder of MegaMedia Company Ltd. (2002), which has offices in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. In 13 years, her role has included formulating research and the development of radio strategies for domestic and international clients to develop branded audio content that is distributed through Vietnam’s radio stations as well as in-store / in-location audio and audio loud-speaker ads.

Tu is a regular speaker, in charge of providing updates on the radio landscape and trends, and analyzing the Vietnamese commercial radio industry in a variety of marketing and media conferences regionally and in Vietnam. She graduated with degrees in Journalism and English-Language studies and also has a Zig Ziglar Advance Sales degree.

Her key accounts include ... agencies such as Dat Viet-VAC, Group M and WPP and international / domestic companies such as Dutch Lady, Shell, Thaco-Truong Hai Auto, Masan and Tan Hiep Phat.

Reaching Vietnam’s Consumers through their “Ears” …

In Europe and the United States, radio is one of the cornerstones of media and its reach is increasing as audio content is distributed through multiple digital channels. In the USA there are 15,000+ AM and FM radio stations, but in Vietnam there are less than 70 stations.

Vietnam’s radio network provides great opportunities for companies to create new brand experiences and engage consumers even when they’re driving, working, playing sports or washing dishes.

How different is audio content development versus print and television and how can brands and companies benefit by distributing content and sponsor messages through audio digital channels and Vietnam’s radio network? Is it totally different … easy or difficult?

Come find out the opportunities from Vietnam’s leading audio / radio expert

Vé tham dự 250.000 đồng mỗi người đăng ký và thanh toán trước 12h trưa ngày 9 tháng 9 hoặc 350.000 đồng cho những ai không đăng ký trước. Giá vé gồm 2 (hai) phần thức uống (bia / nước ngọt / nước) hoặc một ly rượu, thức ăn nhẹ, nghe thuyết trình và networking.

Đăng ký tham dự ngay hôm nay!!!

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