[HCM][Agency] OgilvyOne: Tuyển Senior Art Director Lưu

Ogilvy group is one of the world’s leading communications groups and the largest network agency present in Vietnam. Since 1995 Ogilvy group has been providing strategic, creative and production services to category-leading multi-national and Vietnamese companies. These include Consulting, Advertising, PR, Digital, Mobile, Social Media, Activation, Field Marketing and Design. In addition Ogilvy group also provides print, digital and video production services.


As the digital revolution continues to transform marketing and communications businesses across the world, OgilvyOne Worldwide occupies a leadership position in Vietnam. Creating digital brand stories based on a deep understanding of the digital behaviors and trends in market, OgilvyOne Vietnam produces and delivers digital solutions that have been awarded internationally.


Job Title: Senior Art Director Reports to: Creative Director

Basic Purpose: A Senior Art Director is a person who directs or supervises the work of other artists. More simply, a Senior Art Director is a person who directs art. You are not only the communicator but also responsible for how the communication is conveyed. The position of online Senior Art Director is a critical function within the OgilvyOne creative department. If words are the “voice”, you are the “body language” of our clients’ offline/online presence (and body language accounts for over 80% of the communication). As part of a team, it is your job to make OgilvyOne Vietnam’s creative product, offline and online, the best of any Digital, CRM agency in Vietnam and throughout the region. To make us the most sought after authority by the trade press and conveners of high profile seminars and workshops. To make us the number one agency to work with in the eyes of the clients, prospects, staff and job seekers.”

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Percent (%) of Monthly Working Time

Creative (90%)

  • Think conceptually and solve business problems presented by the client
  • Understand the importance of the “big idea” and how well the work reflects it within the framework of the clients’ brand
  • Understand the marketing objectives and demonstrate an ability to deliver the “message” through design
  • Create and conceptualize multiple concepts for new assignments
  • Assist in the preparation of presentation boards
  • Ability to execute ideas flawlessly-paying particular attention to design, layout and typography.
  • Contribute to the communication, demonstration and evolution of the Ogilvy creative product to clients at the highest possible standard
  • Interact with the client and account management to gain a total understanding of the client’s business strategy and the market in which it is competing
  • Assist in the development of the creative team

Domain Expert (10%)

  • Proactively contribute toward a portfolio of best practices and emerging issues
  • Build a personal portfolio of exceptional third parties: photographers, illustrators, production houses and talent
  • Strong understanding of “360” and how Ogilvy is uniquely placed to harness it to meet our clients’ objectives
  • Awareness of emerging trends in web-based, wireless technologies for online and printing techniques and emerging trends in offline marketing
  • Maintain an updated presence on Truffles, including posting a photo, logging on and “sniffing around” for a minimum of half hour per week


  • It is recommended that prior to working at OgilvyOne, you have at least three years’ experience in an advertising agency. At least one to three years of experience with interactive design and development for an online role.
  • Ideally, Bachelor of Fine Arts or equivalent degree in commercial arts or related field
  • Passion to achieve award-winning work
  • A great eye
  • An even better communicator
  • For interactive art direction, demonstrate a high level of competence in Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop and Sound Design.
  • For offline art direction, demonstrate a high level of competence in Quark (where appropriate), Freehand, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Thorough understanding of graphic design, page layout, typography, photography and illustration techniques
  • Prior responsibility for developing concepts in direct marketing, on or offline
  • Be able to execute concepts to a visual standard for client presentations
  • Strong sense of how direct marketing communication should be implemented
  • Willingness to embrace both online and offline projects.
  • A point of view on how interactive, direct marketing and advertising work together today and how this may evolve
  • Understanding of brand, product, digital media, and how people interact with each of them
  • Proven ability to manage and organize multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Habitually on top of inspiring, cutting-edge trends and developments
  • Successful experience working with and selling to clients
  • Ability to direct creative teams, photographers and other 3rd party creative groups
  • Strong time management and creative resource management capabilities
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with other departments
  • Sense of humor. Some of the greatest communications are often the funniest. If you’re not funny, how could you even think of creating them?

Interested candidates please send resume and portfolio to email [email protected] for application or futher information.

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