[HCM][Agency] Buzzmetrics: Marketing Trainee Lưu

Buzzmetrics is a member of YouNet Group (https://www.younetgroup.com/vi/).

Buzzmetrics is a proprietary technology that scans through all social network, forums, blogs, news sites, classify and retailers to collect all discussions into a database. From here consumers’ discussions can be extracted and analysed in Category, brand, campaign and product level.
If you are the most passionate Social Media Researcher we are looking for, you will ultimately be responsible for serving our Fortune 1000 client’s research needs beyond expectation. Your analysis needs to be stated as being thorough, innovative and actionable to help brands make business decisions and target their existing and potential consumers through their social media listening platform.



    Identify, collect and optimize data for use in content marketing projects.

  • Produce in-house articles, blog content, social media content.

  • Ensure timely delivery of reports and blog articles.



    Bachelor degree in Economics, Marketing or Business; especially, you’re interested in market research, social media and content marketing.

  • Ability to work with economic data, metrics and analytics and create easy-to-understand articles, papers, and presentations for the regular public.

  • Be interested in and have a good sense of identifying netizens’ behaviors, trends, brands’ activities.

  • Be enthusiastic for social media empowerment and its possibilities to build strong brand proposition.

  • Have a good writing skill in Vietnamese


    Have logical and critical thinking skills.

  • Be proficient in Excel and Google Spreadsheet.

  • Be organized and detail-oriented.

  • Be able to work under high pressure


  • Recipient’s email: [email protected] CV and Cover Letter in English

  • Email title: [Marketing Trainee] Fullname

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