Dinner in the Sky


Mirum Vietnam

October 2015

Campaign type:

“Dinner in the Sky” event affirms Romano’s role as a truly VIP experience



This VIP event went to new heights – literally.

For the launch of Romano VIP, a premium range of men’s grooming products from WIPRO UNZA, Mirum Vietnam developed an integrated campaign around the theme “Are you on the VIP List?”  that featured Vietnam’s first-of-its-kind “Dinner in the Sky” event.


Romano VIP offered 50 lucky guys a chance to have “Dinner in the Sky” on an outdoor dining table suspended 45 meters high by a crane, with guests treated to a menu of fine cuisine, celebrity guests and live violin music.

For a chance to win, guys had to buy a Romano VIP product, then get their photo taken at an activation booth located at stores and supermarkets. Participants then had to post the picture on their personal Facebook page with hashtag #RomanoVIP #DinnerInTheSky to receive a VIP card.

The VIP card entitled participants to one cinema ticket or a drink in Hanoi, or a drink at Ho Chi Minh City’s popular Skybar, as well as a chance to win a seat at the “Dinner in the Sky” event.

Romano VIP then selected the 50 best VIP photos among those who got at least 20 likes on their photo.

The “Dinner in the Sky” event took place on November 7 and featured 5 “flights”, as several thousand people came out and watched at The Crescent Mall in Ho Chi Minh City.

“More than the usual money, power and success story as a key differentiator, we wanted to define ‘VIP’ as a matter of experience. Bringing ‘Dinner in the Sky’ for the first time to Vietnam felt like the perfect setup for Romano to strongly affirm their brand’s role and bring a truly VIP experience to their customers,” said Kevin Frot, Creative Director of Mirum Vietnam.

“For us to work with a client that's willing to go big like this is quite unique, and for WIPRO UNZA to have full trust and confidence in us for this integrated campaign, straight to the end, has been an honor,” said Ly Viet Vu, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Mirum Vietnam. 

“This project is a huge accomplishment and helps put Mirum Vietnam on the map for executing high-profile campaigns. We hope the campaign inspires other marketers to execute bigger ideas!”

Video Case-study

Check out the campaign video here:

Romano VIP - Đại Tiệc Giữa Không Trung (Teaser)


Since the campaign launched on October 9, it has garnered more than 12 million video views and 110 million impressions. Almost 1,000 VIP cards were also delivered.

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