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Khoa started his research career with NFO Vietnam in 2000 and then moved to work with NFO/ TNS Singapore for 5 years, handling multi-country projects with a focus on FMCG, Telecom & Finance sectors. Whilst based in Singapore, Khoa also worked with Visa International and was in charge of delivering consumer insights to support the Asia Pacific region in the areas of e-commerce, contactless & mobile payment and money transfer.

Khoa has joined Nielsen Vietnam since 2009, and is currently leading the Financial Services & Telecom-Technology teams at Nielsen Vietnam to assist banks, financial institutions & mobile/telecom clients in understanding consumer insights  to ultimately grow the business in Vietnam. Khoa’s expertise in Consumer Research spans across a wide range of key research areas and solutions. 

He is very well respected within the industry, and is widely regarded as a trusted advisor who bring valuable contribution to clients’ business growth in the market place. Khoa was a great speakers in a lot of big conferences, events, TV talk shows, etc.

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Director, Consumer Insights | Nielsen Vietnam

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