[HCM][Agency] RED2 Digital: Digital Account Manager Lưu

Position: Digital Account Manager

You will abide to the list of responsibilities as below stated:

  1. Brand Planning and Account Management Services

You will abide to the list of responsibilities as below stated:

  • Act as primary contact for Client’s team, channeling questions and requests.
  • Manage overall relationship with Client, as well as agencies of record.
  • Manage all ongoing projects, including timelines, budgets and invoices.
  • Continuously be involved in key initiatives including brand awareness, industry and competitor research.
  • Familiarise yourself with Client’s business, products, services, advertising, and media plans, and with the business, products, services, marketing communications, and media plans of Client’ competitors.
  • Take all reasonable precautions to safeguard any and all of Client’s property entrusted to your care, custody, or control.
  • Provide strategic brand insight and direction that pertain to marketing communications at the brand and campaign level.
  • Define the overarching marketing communications strategy in conjunction with the Client, and ensure the overall marketing communications and offline strategies, as well as the brand positions, are communicated throughout right to end product.
  • Receive Client Briefs, develop & present creative briefs, upon receipt of input document from Client, for each project that describe the strategy, specific goals and message of each project.
  • Monitor annual trends and ongoing analysis of consumer attitudes and behaviour.
  • Study and analyse the markets and audiences for the Business, as well as the key competitors’ strategies, programs, and spending.
  • Assess secondary research findings, as well as findings from Client supplied studies, to determine brand marketing communications effectiveness, opportunities, and needs.

B. Digital and Creative Services

  1. Develop and execute advertising plan:
    1. Digital:
      1. SEO.
      2. PPC.
  2. Campaigns and Advertising:
    1. Work with team to Develop and execute advertising plan:
      1. Create materials for digital advertising.
      2. Resize and edit materials according to media plan.
      3. Negotiation management and creative/conception/production of items outside scope of work.
    2. Develop marketing campaigns (conception, information architecture, creative design, copywriting, graphic design and resizing, and final mechanicals) based on previously defined marketing programs and projects.
    3. Proofread all copy, including copy approved by the Client, and ensure that all such materials deemed approved have been reviewed and approved through Client’s internal review process.
    4. Provide creative consulting, providing and sharing with Client your best practices expertise for brand advocacy and creative continuity.
    5. Participate in weekly meetings, reviews, requirements sessions, and briefings.
  3. Create digital media plan recommendations reflective of the key metrics, research against the target audience, and creative direction.
  4. Pro-actively identify and assess new opportunities and developments in digital consumption and viewpoints that may impact Client in the short and long term.
  5. Participate in weekly meetings, reviews, requirements sessions, and briefings: 01 meeting per week.

C. Marketing Campaigns

  1. Provide consumer and intermediary digital marketing campaigns (the number of campaigns: TBD).
  2. evaluate and make any recommendations regarding the overarching campaign, and provide updated or new campaign that will support:
    1. Overall and campaign single brand messaging.
    2. Program, customer and promotional messaging, which may or may not include marketing partners.
  3. With each campaign, work closely with Client to ensure that all campaigns are consistent across all media.

Phase 1 – Conception and Planning

During the conception and planning phase, work with team to develop the core campaign concepts that the ad units will adhere to, and will develop the digital media plans. The first step is to conduct a brainstorming session to discuss concepts. Afterwards, you will:

  1. Present concepts to Client to select creative direction.
  2. Develop the Ad Units design for the selected concept.
  3. Develop all necessary materials for online ad units.
  4. Finalize creative direction/concepts.
  5. Obtain approval from Client (including any Client marketing partners and legal representative, if needed, which Client is responsible for obtaining).
  6. Develop the Digital Media Plan.
  7. Use third party research tools to further define and segment online target audience online and develop top media candidates for consideration.
  8. Obtain approval from Client on initial media approach and consideration set.
  9. Review existing media commitments and provide recommendations to maximise value from these investments with future commitments or drop from plan.
  10. Evaluate proposals against selection criteria and further refine media consideration set.
  11. Present media plan recommendation, rationale, and associated projections; revise plan as requested.

Phase 2 – Execution

During the execution phase is when the composes all mechanicals and records/edits broadcast work. Work to purchase, implement, and manage the online media buys. Specifically will:

  1. Create a media authorisation(s) for Client approval.
  2. Finalise the media specification sheet.
  3. Traffic the ad units.
  4. Ensure correct tracking implementation and compliance from media vendors.
  5. Input media authorisation into media operations system to establish billing cycle.
  6. Keep accurate and detailed media files.
  7. Provide plan details and updates/changes upon approval to Client’s marketing ROI modelling firm.

Phase 4 –Media Optimization and Creative Attunement

  1. Monitor all reporting systems to ensure campaigns are running correctly and impressions bought are delivered; provide related post-buy analyses.
  2. Manage and deliver data and performance reports to Client’s marketing ROI.
  3. Upon approval of Client, adjust media plan and campaign if warranted.
  4. Manage all media finance including issuance of monthly spending summaries to Client, review of all vendor media invoices against authorized and delivered activity, resolution of spending discrepancies with vendors, payment to media vendors, and full reconciliation of media dollars to Client.

D. Deliverables

For each campaign, provide the following deliverables. All deliverables will either be presented in person whenever possible, or on occasion as time/needs dictate, emailed or provided on a Client-accessible medium.

All reporting is to be developed in conjunction with and signed off by the Client.

Provide the following deliverables (but not excluded to):

  1. Campaign & Performance report
  2. Spending progress report
  3. ROI report
  4. New Creatives & Collaterals report with creative team
  5. Other internal reports deemed relevant for the Client

Client will also share internal performance reports with you in order to achieve optimum results.

E. Client Services

The client services team remains the primary communications point for Client. For the duration of the Contract Year, provide a client services team consisting of the following roles:

  1. Account Manager, once Statement of Work is approved.
  2. The client services team is responsible for coordinating the work effort and flow and for ensuring that Client’ needs are met. Specifically, they will:
    1. Develop and manage campaign strategy.
    2. Conduct quarterly scope reviews to ensure efforts and resources are covered by the scope and budget described in this agreement.
    3. Manage status calls and monthly meetings to review performance and project update.
    4. Participate in relevant account meetings and review.
    5. Analyze Client’s key competitors including strategy, media spend and creative.
    6. Coordinate with other Client agencies to facilitate integrated effort.
    7. Review and approve creative deliverables prior to sending to Client for final approval.
    8. Respond to Client’ requests and work with internal teams to provide guidance and support per Client’ requests and questions.
    9. Develop and manage project timelines and launch schedules for online marketing campaign.

Manage all billing and invoicing issues, including providing monthly billing book and accrual reports.

APPLICATION: Recipient’s email: lukejanich@red2digital.com.vn. CV & Cover Letter in English

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